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Recommended Books by Topic

Systems Thinking

The Fifth Discipline; Peter Senge
Systems Thinking and Business Architecture

Business Architecture Discipline

Business Architecture, William Ulrich
The Business Architecture Quick Guide; Business Architecture Guild
Business & Dynamic Change

Business Architecture Core Domains

Value Networks; Verna Allee
The Great Transition; James Martin
One From Many; Dee Hock
The Knowing Organization; Chu Wei Choo

Strategy Enablement: From Definition to Execution to Operationalization

Strategy to Reality; Whynde Kuehn
Enterprise Business Architecture; Ralph Whittle
Business Model Generation; Aleander Osterwalder
operating model.png
Balanced Scorecard; Robert Kaplan & David Norton

Design and Case Management

Intersection; Milan Guenther
Mastering the Unpredictable; Keith Swenson
Taming the Unpredictable
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