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Archist's Targeted Business Architecture Courses

Instructor-led self-paced series of courses addressing most frequently asked questions and trending topics in business architecture

What is Business Architecture Discipline all About?

An introduction into the BIZBOK® Guide and the business architecture discipline and its main components.

8 Lessons | Free


What is the Business Architecture Core Baseline?

The minimum mapping required to support execution of business strategies and transformational initiatives. This includes capabilities and value streams mapping and the cross-mapping of the two, commonly known as the core baseline (this topic is also covered in the Knowledgebase course).

30 Lessons | US$95


How Business Architecture and Business Analysis Are Related

How different aspects of the business analysis practice align with the business architecture discipline with the focus on business process management, case management, and requirements management.

28 Lessons | US$95


How to Enable Business Strategies; from Definition to Execution to Operationalization

Insights into how business architecture identifies the impacts and translates business strategies into actionable plans across the business ecosystem to support successful execution and operationalization of business strategies.

40 Lessons | US$250


How to Build an Effective Business Architecture Practice

Get started with establishing a business architecture practice and its major components including governance, business architect role and the team, the engagement model, maturity model, knowledgebase, and tooling.

22 Lessons | US$95


How to Build an Effective Business Architecture Knowledgebase

Build, populate, maintain, and leverage the knowledgebase to "connect the dots" throughout the business ecosystem and provide insights into decision-making processes in variety of business scenarios (this course also covers the Core Baseline topic).

111 Lessons | US$395


How to Enable a Business-Driven IT Architecture

Align and synchronize IT architecture with business architecture throughout a transformation journey to ensure successful execution of business strategies and a higher return on IT investments.

55 Lessons | US$195


Applying Business Architecture in a

Real-life Scenario

A real-life case study walkthrough to showcase the application of business architecture concepts and techniques to enable a large digital transformation initiative in a government agency.

1 Lesson | US$55

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