Archist's CBA® Practice Exams

Achieve your Certified Business Architect (CBA)® Designation with peace of mind 

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After receiving such positive feedback from our trainees who have taken advantage of our simulated CBA® practice exams as part of our comprehensive training, we have decided to open these exams up to everyone. 

  • Each simulated exam includes 50 questions randomly selected out of 500+ questions

  • 10 attempts included with 6 months to complete

  • Detailed report is provided with results break-down based on the official CBA® exam content

  • Results report has references to the relevant sections of the BIZBOK Guide® for each question

  • A copy of summary results is provided to your email to keep track of your progress

"The practice exams were a great help in preparing my CBA exam. Without these simulation questions I do not think that I was going to get through the exam easily. Questions are covering all BIZBOK sections and well structured.  Thank you Navid for the great job!" A Business Analyst in a municipal government in Québec

"Having access to the set of simulated questions made it easier for me to prepare for the exam. It would have been a lot harder for me to take and pass the CBA exam if this tool was not provided by Navid - thank you!" A Business Consultant at the Government of the UK

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Our Advanced Business Architecture Training package includes these CBA® practice exams as bonus plus one hour of one-on-one complimentary mentoring session for CAD $1,290.

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