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Mentoring by Archist

Receive behind the scene support and guidance while you continue leading your work

Mentoring provides a sustainable partnership in which the knowledge and know-how is retained within your organization. Emphasizing the pragmatism principle and the fact that business architecture is not a one size fits all, we leverage our years of experience and expertise to guide you through your endeavors and provide you advice on how to apply business architecture tools and techniques in your specific business scenarios. 

Archist provides virtual mentoring in the form of coaching hours to individuals and teams.

"My 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Navid have been invaluable in helping shape and formulate the best approach. I really value his feedback and guidance which is always given with such great consideration and care. His years of experience in applying the trade has helped me navigate many difficult scenarios and I always come away with clear next steps for me to apply." A Senior Business Architecture Consultant in a social services agency in Australia

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Both of our Foundation and Advanced training packages include 1 hour of one-on-one mentoring session and we offer standalone hours to our trainees at a discounted rate.

"I had the chance to have behind the scenes support with the mentoring sessions. The hours spent to discuss the implementation of business architecture [BA] practice in my organization with my mentor was really helpful. My mentor helped me to define a gradual strategy in order to integrate the practice in the organization. My objective was to show quickly the value of the practice by showing how BA can help to follow and monitor a big digital transformation project like the one my organization is actually running. My mentor suggests some blueprints that can help me demonstrating BA’s value quickly in order to get stakeholders’ buy-in more easily. Thank you very much Navid for your very good support!" A Senior Consultant in a government agency in Québec