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Archist's Master Classes

Instructor-led self-paced series of classes addressing most frequently asked questions and trending topics in business architecture

Build a Business Architecture Practice

22 Lessons | US$99

Embark on a journey to learn how to build an effective Business Architecture from the ground up


Build a Business Architecture knowledgebase

111 Lessons | US$399

A systematic approach to creating a repository of Business Architecture domains and artifacts


Business Architecture and Business Analysis

28 Lessons | US$99

Delve into how Business Architecture and Business Analysis are related to each other


Apply Business Architecture in Real-life

1 Lesson | US$49

Immerse yourself with practical applications through real-world case studies and best practices


The Core Baseline of Business Architecture

30 Lessons | US$99

Explore and leverage the baseline application of Business Architecture (this topic is also covered in the Knowledgebase master class).


Strategy Execution  Lifecycle

40 Lessons | US$249

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to navigate every stage


Enabling Business-Driven IT Architecture

55 Lessons | US$199

Harness the wealth of business knowledge, bridge the gaps, and drive success.

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