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Archist is a leading provider of virtual business architecture training, mentoring, and consulting across the globe. Bringing years of hands-on experience and passion with a set of comprehensive offerings to support both your individual and organizational business architecture goals.

Cross your journey to excellence with us!

People using blocks to build the structural framework of business architecture such as business strategy, process, information and technology to achieve their goals.


“Excellence is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice."
- Plato -

As the first and only Canadian Guild Accredited Training Partner® (GATP®), we have been delivering training worldwide to 100's of professionals from both public and private sector organizations since the inception of the GATP® program in 2016.

Business Architecture Guild Accredited Training Partner (GATP)

Learn more about

  • A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge® (BIZBOK® Guide)

  • Business Architecture Value Proposition & Elevator Pitch

  • The Business Architecture Domains & Framework

  • Business Architecture Principles



We offer GATP® accredited courses to learn the science and art of business architecture and prepare for the Certified Business Architect (CBA)® designation, covering the entire BIZBOK® Guide (A Guide to Business Architecture Body of Knowledge®). 

CBA® Preparation


Achieve your Certified Business Architect (CBA)® Designation with peace of mind using our simulated exams with 500+ practice questions throughout the BIZBOK® Guide. All of our trainees who have pursued the CBA® have successfully achieved their certification on the first attempt.


Receive behind the scene support and guidance while you continue leading your work. Leverage our expertise to shorten your learning curve in applying business architecture tool and techniques in your real-life scenarios and day-to-day engagements.


Leverage our knowledge, experience, and expertise to support your business architecture journey, from building and maturing your practice to successful  execution of your business strategies and transformations.

We believe in equal access to education.

All of our team members at Archist are passionate about education and we have made it our purpose to support empowering underprivileged children around the world with limited or no access to proper education for a better and  brighter future for all.

Currently we are supporting:

People like you who have worked with us say Archist is where they have received the most value from their time and investment in business architecture training, mentoring, and consulting.

Vice President, U.S. Bank

"I participated in Archist’s Business Architecture training to get re-acclimated with the Business Architecture Guild’s (Guild) BizBok Guide and to prepare for the Guild’s Business Architect Certification.  Navid is a very good instructor and well-versed in the Guild’s BizBok Guide.  His knowledge is also complemented with hands-on knowledge from his daily work as a Business Architect offering valuable insight in the practical deployment and use of Business Architecture.  I would recommend this training to anyone who is currently interested in furthering their knowledge of Business Architecture or are working to prepare for the Business Architect Certification."

Proudly Canadian — Uniquely Global

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